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Two lifelong friends, Ramone Jones and Nate Addison, hailing from Northeast Ohio, embarked on a journey to Virginia in pursuit of a better life. Drawn by a shared passion for football, they found themselves recruited to play for the Apprentice School, dedicating four years to their education and athletic pursuits.

As they began this chapter of their lives, they unknowingly laid the foundation for something truly extraordinary. Their love for the holiday season, its power to bring joy to families, and the sense of community it fosters, inspired them to venture into the world of lighting.

The birth of Tidewater Lights was more than just a business; it was a manifestation of a profound mission. Little did Ramone and Nate know that their venture would evolve into a heartwarming, family-owned enterprise, with the power to spread holiday cheer in ways they could never have imagined.
Their journey has become a testament to the spirit of giving and the boundless impact it can have on our world. Through Tidewater Lights, they aim to demonstrate the true essence of helping others and leaving a lasting mark on the lives of the families they touch.
For Ramone, Nate, and their families, Tidewater Lights is not just a blessing; it’s a commitment to making a positive impact and showing the next generation what it means to share the joy of the holidays and support one another.”


Illumination Experts

We Bring Our Lights

We use LED Christmas lights exclusively. This SAVES you money over the course of the Holiday season in electricity costs.

We Hang the Christmas Lights

We custom install the Christmas lights to your home.

We Fix The Lights

24 hour / next business day service guarantee. If your Christmas lights or a holiday light goes out, or your display experiences issues, we will be out the next business day to fix the problem

Take Down The Lights

We bring the lights, install the lights and then when the season is over, we take down the lights and store them at our facility. All you have to do is ENJOY the holidays.

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We want to earn your business and turn you into a long-term customer.

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